You lied,

The sky is not blue is the morning

It is red with your anger

Angels don’t wake me up with flowers

I don’t sleep enough to deserve any

Your voice;

They don’t sing me songs that calm my mind

I don’t hear words that bless my ear

Where is the beauty you promised?

Where is the love?

I can wave my hand and make it go away

Make you go away with the vows and promises

Did I say till death do us part?

Damn it! The foolery

Why wait until my body dies with my soul?

I’m dead where it matters

Where my spirit meets my heart and mind

All damaged in your promise of forever

I never held back

I gave everything I had


Now I stare at the little human we made

The magic we created from our ugly

And I want to stay and kill my body for her

To bleed, so that her life is nothing but perfect

But you cannot glue over a broken soul

This broken can never be perfect

-To you, for healing.




We all think we are living, don’t we?

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Ugochi Okoli

Ugochi Okoli

We all think we are living, don’t we?

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