Saturday, 6 am

You’re asleep. my fingers slowly run through your thick eyebrows. I wonder;

But God creates, you know

Chi n’eke ife!

He made the stars, the oceans, man, woman

Then, He made you

Saturday 6 pm

You are a different being in the world

Human, but with a little bit of god

Imperfect, short and sometimes, impatient but

Your heart is filled with love

Your energy commands the ground beneath your feet

Adaeze says it’s because you’re closer to it

Sunday, 6 am

It is a little weird but

you remind me of Chicken Lollipop

Soft, appealing, good looking and utterly satisfying

with a touch of true Nigerian, so maybe- Chicken Akara

Four years and four million cupids between us

Twenty four years on earth and

I can only think of forever with you

Sunday, 6 pm

You will say ‘Yes’ when I ask you to marry me on Monday morning

Before great patriarchy and gender roles see the sun

I will write a letter and read it to you on bended knees

The sound of Ingrid Michaelson’s Wonderful Unknown will creep in on us through your speakers

And you will take my hand in yours and wrap me into yourself

Slow dancing to this song we both love

Ready for forever

Monday, 4 am

….forever is all I want with you Chima

Will you marry me?

Paper ring made from page 477 of Americanah

You stand up

You cough

You let out a little laughter

You take my hand and my ring

You say,

Stand up Kamsi, we don’t do that here.




We all think we are living, don’t we?

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Ugochi Okoli

Ugochi Okoli

We all think we are living, don’t we?

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