I have never really thought about how I would like to go to jail

The idea of straying from the path of success, down a dark tunnel

I must say, Friends, Romans, Countrymen is not a very exciting tale

Perhaps, a great crime story will lead to the bottom like a funnel

And it will be one where I save a child from the penis of a monster

One where limited options revolve around great good and true evil

Born from a wave of built-up anger and a need to save a daughter

In a world where little is done to pests, it will save grain from a weevil

Even monsters deserve justice but never at the expense of pure souls

Five, six, year-olds with a poorly tied shoelace screaming for freedom

Will lead Nanna down a path where walls and bars are hopes and goals

To lose my freedom and save a pure soul feels like winning a kingdom




We all think we are living, don’t we?

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Ugochi Okoli

Ugochi Okoli

We all think we are living, don’t we?

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